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Environmental Education and Crafts


HANDS-ON IN NATURE FOR CHILDREN: “Red Natura: LICs Ría del Eo y As Catedrais”

Approaching the natural values close to schoolchildren, we will visit the LICs of Ribadeo, As Catedrais and Ría de Ribadeo. The environmental units, the representative flora and fauna of these protected natural spaces will be explained.

Description of the activity

  • Duration: 3 hours and a half.
  • Recommendations: Boots, warm clothes, solar protection, fieldwork notebook and binoculars.



  • Phone: 696 208 925 (Gustavo).
  • Email de contacto: erebiagml@hotmail.com


Itineraries of Environmental Interpretation in Natural Locations

Ariel Desarrollo Industrial is a company with highly qualified staff working on environmental education and dedicated to the promotion of protected natural areas.
We are a team of environmental educators with experience in both animal and plant sensitive species.

This company is settled from the beginning in the Oscos-Eo biosphere reserve and Terras de Burón, focusing on Ribadeo stuary, mainly on birds’ care and protection

From Ariel Desarrollo Industrial we would like to show you the life of our birds letting you take part on it and enjoy a transforming experience.


  • Phone: 657622960 / 615542265
  • Email: info@arieldesarrolloambiental.com


Obradoiros con Alma: aprende oficios de la mano de expertos artesanos

Somos un grupo de artesanos de La Mariña de Lugo. Hemos puesto en marcha Obradoiros con Alma, para abrir nuestros talleres a todo el público.  Para enseñar el Alma de nuestros Oficios.